AINA TIR-FAX, December 20, 2017



  • EU, same as USA, condemns violence in Parliament
  • Lawsuit for the Tirana-Elbasan road, 54 million EUR damage
  • Basha: “A constitutional coup. Prosecutor elected with three fifths of Parliament”
  • SP votes with cards of the DP. Opposition: “Appointing of new Prosecutor, illegal”
  • Judiciary reform, Prosecutors complain about law that gives their competences to Judges
  • Spartak Ngjela: Americans require the arrest of 10 MPs
  • OSCE ambassador appeals to politics: Corruption a threat for citizens
  • Greek Foreign Minister: “There are two solutions for the War Law issue with Albania”
  • Prosecution requires the suspension of three judges for corruption
  • Vasili: Ruçi is responsible for all the mess in parliament
  • Luan Rama: Arta Marku is not interim Attorney General


  • Bank of Albanian drafts new regulation for the second level banks
  • Erion Braçe: New facts can lead to the canceling of concession on scanning in customs
  • Castles, Culture Monuments, will be given to PPP concession agreements
  • Transactions within family members, suspects revealed for the assets of Kelmend Balili


  • Car burnt out in Vlora, police, the first suspicions
  • Brawl in train station, Albanian youngster stabbed to death
  • Two vehicles clash in Lushnjë-Fier, three passengers injured
  • 39 year old just returned from Germany shot in Korca
  • Greece sequestered 16 tons of cannabis this year mostly coming from Albania


  • Garbage in Shkumbin, environmental massacre in Elbasan district
  • WHO: Albanians the most affected by the nervous system cancer in the region 
  • President Meta starts the day with a message: Let`s do little things with great love


  • Post Office stamps  dedicated to Albanian migration emitted, new initiative for Diaspora
  • Riccardo Cocciante guest of honors in Tirana to be present in the 56th festival of ART (Albanian Radio Television)


  • Cold weather throughout the country, temperatures go down

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