AINA TIR-FAX, December 2, 2017



  • Floods, Rama: Damages identification to start
  • Kryemadhi: Emergency situation to be declared
  • The operational room at the Ministry of Interior, managing nation-wide emergencies
  • Albanian Foreign Minister: “Accession negotiations to start by 2018”
  • Bushati in Washington, meets US Deputy Assistant Secretary Mitchell
  • SMI vice leader in Beijing, meets Chinese students of Albanian language
  • Floods, DP MP: Emergency situation in Bruc of Mat
  • Xhelal Mziu makes known his requirements to Rama, they appear besides one another


  • Albanians, Italy’s foreign community with highest economic contribution
  • Heavy rains improve energy situation at the Drin cascade


  • 19 kg of cannabis sativa sequestered, 5 arrested in Tirana
  • Gang of Albanians dismantled, they had stolen 500 thousand euro stolen in 53 houses


  • 400 militaries in action, 98 people evacuated
  • Greek meteorologist: “More heavy rains Saturday and Sunday”
  • Vjosa River has broken embankments in Fier and in Vlora
  • Prime Minister visits Ferras, Fier, where residents are being asked to evacuate
  • Basha in Fushe Kruja: “Families in need must receive assistance”
  • Berat roads flooded by Osum River
  • Large amounts of vegetable planted fields were flooded in Lushnje
  • Good news for Tirana: Water supply improves
  • Rama thanks the troops of the Armed Forces for the work done so far
  • Critical situation created from floods in Fitore village
  • President Meta in the ground to watch the situation from close
  • Vana bridge in Saranda collapses due to floods
  • Aid distributed for the families affected from floods in Babrru and Paskuqan
  • Bad weather, minister Gjonaj inspects prisons: Situation under control


  • Weightlifting Championship in USA, Albanian Calja one step from podium



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