AINA TIR-FAX, December 19, 2017



  • Arta Marku takes her duty as Provisory Prosecutor General
  • EU Chief of Foreign Policy meets with Balkan leaders
  • EU, same as USA, condemns violence in Parliament
  • Basha: “Albanians protested same as in every EU country, when their rights are violated”
  • US Embassy: “The Prosecutor who refused to investigate politicians is gone”
  • Veliaj: “Right to vote, an obligation to our emigrants”
  • Rama: “Albania about to start EU accession negotiations, and today’s show makes us lose points”
  • Rama after meeting with Mogherini: Reform in the justice system to go in the right way
  • 10 MPs investigated by Police after protest in Parliament
  • US Embassy: “The Prosecutor who refused to investigate politicians is gone”
  • DP and SMI promise more protests in January
  • Basha warns: Country towards abyss, Basha violates constitution


  • Albanian government signs agreement with KfV on employment and energy efficiency
  • Audit completed for Tirana-Elbasan road axis: Gjiknuri sues three officials of SMI at the Court of Serious Crimes
  • Exports go up by 13, 2% in the 11 months of 2017


  • Police: “Six police officers injured, two of them female”
  • I thousand houses estimated to have been destroyed by floods
  • Serious accident in Tirana-Durres highway, car crashes pedestrian to death
  • 77 kg of cannabis sequestered in Vlora
  • Tirana: 35 year old arrested for stealing phones in bus stations
  • Italy, 180 thousand euro for 5 kg of cocaine, Albanian arrested
  • Body of 35 year old suspected of being drowned in Valbona found


  • Floods in Laç and Lezha, stream engulfs towns` roads
  • Ministry of Infrastructure reports on the condition of road axes in Albania
  • Gjosha: We condemn the violence against women, reform in the justice system pending
  • Public administration at work on Saturday by decision of government
  • Snow covers mountain areas in Elbasan district, problematic road axis
  • Logara covered by snow


  • Tirana municipality to star project for the rehabilitation of the 237 year old church of Saint Prokop

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