AINA TIR-FAX, December 14, 2017



  • Bushati: “EU reconfirmed enlargement policy. Opposition must not block integration”
  • Bushati: “Next six months, decisive for Albania’s EU integration”
  • Exclusive/Is there an investigation for Saimir Tahiri in Italy? Evidence that put in question his testimony
  • Saimir Tahiri’s lawyer: “The document shown by him was not for legal procedural purposes”
  • Challenges in the Western Balkan, Basha in London
  • Rama: I have not asked for floods aids
  • Parliament session resumes after the dismissal of Flamur Noka
  • Prosecution documents: Tahiri still mentioned in interceptions


  • Return of migrants, Albanians at the top of the list for 2016, 18 thousand emigrants returned
  • WB report: Albanians “the laziest” people in the region and Europe
  • IMF evaluates the progress of the Albanian economy, optimistic for the future
  • Territory developments, Gjiknuri: Investment projects to be in accordance with local plans
  • Tax Office appeal: Hurry up to benefit from the amnesty law


  • Accident in Cërrik-Gramsh, one victim
  • Two people arrested for purchasing fuel with fake euros
  • Two female arrested in Durres for prostitution
  • 49 year old rapes underage girl
  • 4 masked people rob house in Shkodra
  • Assassination in Mat, shootings against car
  • Scary figures, 10 women killed during 2017 as a result of domestic violence
  • 80 bombs from the World War II taken out from Bënçe River, area isolated


  • Tirana Mayor inaugurates training center and playground for children with disabilities
  • Several neighborhoods flooded by rainfalls in Lezha, circulation deteriorated in town


  • Communist bunkers now used for business, art and tourism
  • New management plan for the National Park of Dajt, inventory for the species and natural assets is being carried out


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