AINA TIR-FAX, December 12, 2017



  • US Ambassador: “New Prosecutor must be chosen by government and opposition”
  • Bushati from Brussels: Albania, concrete steps for the delivery of the reforms, vetting process start assessed as positive
  • Court of Serious Crimes bans former Interior Minister from travelling abroad
  • Albanian-Montenegrin politician, picture with both presidents
  • Albanian President thanks Pope Francis for last Sunday’s prayers
  • Socialist MP accuses Prosecution of unfairly closing investigation against former PM Berisha and CEZ
  • President explains why he didn’t decree new Secret Service Director
  • Minister Manastirliu introduces strategy 2020: Ready plans for hospitals
  • Former minister Manjani against Donald Lu: The documents that shows how dead the justice reform in Albania really is
  • Dule appeals to Rama: You must open road to the reform in the justice system
  • Dutch ambassador: There is no willingness for justice reform in Albania
  • Gjonaj: Justice system must be clean of corruption once and for all


  • INSTAT publishes data: Employment increase by 14% in the second semester of 2017
  • Minister of Infrastructure and Energy Damian Gjiknuri visits Albcontrol, 6 million USD invested in 4 years for the air safety
  • Tourism, foreigners bring 1,3 billion euro
  • EU gives the good news: Albania will need 35 years to reach the average of EU
  • Albanian Lek continues evaluation versus all foreign currencies


  • Two people arrested in Tirana for drugs trafficking and intimidation
  • Brawl in a kindergarten in Korça between directress and teacher, motive revealed
  • Habilaj dossier: Orlando reveals how investigations are progressing in Italy
  • 17 year old arrested after mugging elderly woman
  • Fier, 80 year old found dead in a ditch


  • Minister for Diaspora meets emigrants in Italy: You are part of us
  • Floods in Fushe-Kruja: how 11 people were saved
  • Restoration of the school where Migjeni taught has started in Puka


  • Albanian high-school graduate students who continue higher education abroad

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