AINA TIR-FAX, December 1, 2017



  • Flood situation discussed in Parliament
  • Civilian Emergencies on alert, Defense Minister: “We’re monitoring the entire country”
  • Bushati in Washington: “USA, more active engagement in Balkan”


  • How much Albanians cost for their education, 68% go for masters
  • INSTAT: 93% of Albanians lived with only 4 euros per day in 2016
  • Warning of the United Nations for Albania: Beware of pesticides
  • Gjiknuri inspects Vjosa and appeals to residents for evacuation
  • Albania with the lowest average salary in Europe


  • Shkoder, three electricians injured during storm, one in serious conditions
  • Paralyzed child saved in Fushe Kruja
  • Droje Bridge destroyed in Mamurras
  • 36 year old arrested for robbing emigrants` houses


  • Floods, over 300 evacuated, Vjosa comes out of its bed
  • Water flows increase in Osum river, museum neighborhood under risk
  • Civilian Emergencies on alert, Defense Minister: “We’re monitoring the entire country”
  • Tirana-Durres highway blocked by floods
  • Bad weather: Unnecessary travelling to be called off
  • Tirana Mayor: “The worst is over now for Tirana. Our investments during summer were rewarded”
  • 315 people evacuated so far. Authorities appeal citizens to avoid travel
  • Flights resume in Rinas airport
  • Bad weather with heavy rainfalls even during weekend
  • Bridge destroyed in Peza commune, Tirana Mayor: “Intervening in every neighborhood”


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