AINA TIR-FAX, November 30, 2017



  • Rama: “November 29th placed Albania on winning side of WWII, an appeal for new generations”
  • Albanian Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs in Washington, attends Atlantic Council conference
  • “Riding Under One Flag”, Kosovo and Albania motorcycle lovers united in Tirana
  • US State Secretary: “We want to see a new generation in Balkan, able to forgive past conflicts”


  • Three reasons why Kosovo-Albania trade exchange is not where it should be
  • Electricity reserves, KESH damage to OSHEE, 200,000 EUR in two days
  • Agricultural fair on Tirana’s Mother Theresa square
  • Assembly gathered on Thursday, 2018 budget expected to be adopted


  • Court seizes properties owned by Klement Balili
  • Tirana, car bangs motorcycle rider to death
  • Gun shots in the house of the 58 year old in Fier
  • Supermarket stolen, perpetrator arrested after four days
  • Vlore, car deviates and ends inside shop
  • Shepherd found dead in Tropoja after falling off the rock
  • Shkoder, man injured with gun after conflict


  • Citizens in southern Albania are warned for possible floods
  • Alarm for floods, first rain precipitations start in Southern Albania
  • Residents near Vjosa have not been notified about expected floods
  • First problems from floods appear in southern areas
  • Ferries in Durres port 7 hours in delay due to bad weather
  • First floors of buildings in Novosela evacuated
  • Historians continue debate about the real liberation date from Nazi Germany
  • 218 Albanian citizens readmitted in Albania after requesting asylum in Germany and France


  • Great concert organized in “Skanderbeg” square” on the occasion of Albanian liberation Day and “White night”, Great British singer Emeli Sande performed on stage


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