AINA TIR-FAX, November 28, 2017



  • Rama from Vlora: “Kosovo and Albania will address our Diaspora as one, through joint structures”
  • Opposition members, homage at the Martyrs’ Cemetery
  • Independence Day, Rama, Meta and Thaci in Vlora. Haradinaj had to cancel
  • Rama’s Independence Day message, with Kosovo’s and Albania’s flags
  • Tirana Mayor: “Albania, our joint project for all generations”
  • US State Secretary message to Albania on Independence Day
  • Meta’s choice for Independence Day message, a poem from a Medvegja student
  • Flag raised on Tirana’s main square as local authorities join for Independence Day
  • DP, resolution for domestic violence
  • Independence Day, world leaders congratulate Meta


  • “Made in Albania’, in Brussels
  • Criteria for receiving “farmer” title, strategy to formalize sector
  • Call Centers are being closed: The biggest call center Italian company closed


  • Two earthquakes shocked Southern Albania
  • Greek authorities suspect traffickers caught with 1.6 tons of cannabis have political ties in Albania


  • EU offers fund for restoration of Apolonia
  • Celebrations of Independence Day in Vlora
  • De Biasi doesn’t forget Albania: “Happy 105th anniversary of independence”
  • “Exil” and “Déjà vu”, premieres of Albanian dancer Eni Peci


  • Snow and storms throughout Northeastern Albania


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