AINA TIR-FAX, November 22, 2017



  • President Meta meets Slovenian counterpart
  • Agreement Albania-Kosova signed in the framework of EU membership
  • MP questioned on Habilaj dossier disclosed,former interior deputy-minister Elona Gjebrea
  • Albania will increase number of troops in Afghanistan with 60%


  • Minister of Economy: “PPP projects for roads, audit for Tirana-Elbasan highway”
  • Rama: Budget for health and social protection increased by 2,3 billion ALL
  • Agriculture diminished its increasing rates in 2016
  • IMF figures: Albania, the 105th place in the world for its GDP, ranked among the poorest countries
  • Government buys radars from America, first purchase agreement initiated since 2005
  • 100 million EUR for PPP management of medical labs


  • Operation against luxury vehicles, considered a success by police, turns out quite different
  • The “accountant” of the Habilaj gang remains in prison
  • Alibeaj, Tahiri is hiding facts that incriminate him
  • Arrest order issued for three high-level Police officers in Vlora
  • Explosive placed in a business in Vlora, object destroyed
  • The “accountant” of the Habilaj gang remains in prison
  • 12 year old found hanged in Belsh


  • Tirana Mayor: “Brussels ‘Winter Wonder’, best way for promoting our country”
  • Artan Fuga: My proposal for the reformation of the Academy of Sciences
  • Teaching resumes in Shupenza school


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