AINA TIR-FAX, November 16, 2017



  • Albania-EU Stabilization Association meeting, positive report for reforms
  • Interior Minister after first bust of “Force of Law” operation: “It’s only the beginning”
  • Albania-EU Stabilization Association meeting, positive report for reforms
  • Bulgarian Vice President visits Gorani, Bulgarian minority in Kukes
  • Decriminalization, new debates at CEC for Mallakastra’s Mayor mandate
  • Rama: “Budget 2018 brings more investments”. Basha: “It’s a money-laundering scheme”
  • Adrian Civici: It is impossible for a budget to serve as a washing machine for money laundering
  • SMI: “Rama has not built any new hospital in four years”
  • Albanian poor cities led by wealthy Mayors
  • Vetting of candidates for High Council of Prosecution started today


  • Bank of Albania: “No risk of money laundering through ‘1 Billion USD’ project”
  • Annual Book Fair, publishers want lower taxes to help grow number of readers
  • 230 EUR pension for sexual violence victims during war
  • Finance Minister: “Opposition complains about concessions. They’ve signed 178 out of 213”


  • Judge arrestment for corruption, Prosecutor`s Office sends custody measure to HCJ
  • Accident in Elbasan-Tirana road axis, truck capsizes
  • 20 kg of cannabis seized in Diber, two handcuffed
  • Mamurras massacre, Prosecution requires 107 years of imprisonment for the four defendants
  • Bulqize, the poor town rich in chrome


  • Meta meets with members of the Diabetic Children and adults Association
  • A tunnel will connect Tirana’s Zoo with the Botanical Garden
  • Construction works for the Vlore Port rehabilitation is suspended



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It is the first and the only media of this kind in Albania. Since its beginnings, AINA TIR-FAX, built a professional strategy in order to be a reliable media and distant itself from politics and reflect the reality not affected by any political convictions and conveying to its subscribers up-to-date daily, professional and totally independent news and information. The Albanian Independent News Agency, TIR-FAX, decided to inform its subscribers with various information and news that take place in Albania in a real time. TIR-FAX provides a daily news bulletin from Albania and sends it to its subscribers. The bulletin is provided in Albanian and English language. Besides the daily bulletin, TIR-FAX`s staff has also experienced political and economic analysts which make the media more complete. AINA TIR-FAX covers 82 % of the Albanian territory with journalists by absorbing news and information from all the domains. TIR-FAX, in its beginnings, was welcomed in Albania and abroad, in particular, by the Diplomatic corps accredited in Albania, and international institutions present in the country. A good part of the above mentioned authorities are subscribers of AINA-TIR-FAX. In this context, TIR-FAX was welcomed by 28 various countries from Europe to America, which have been interested for the political, economic, cultural, religious and social developments in Albania.
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After an intensive and continuous work of 17 years of experience, the General Director of TIR-FAX news Zenel Celiku, was awarded with the both prizes GOLD New York 2012?, ?EXCELENCE?, on May 29, 2012. This success is attributed to Mr. Zenel Celiku and AINA TIR-FAX staff for all these years of successful journalism. This success inspires not only Mr. Celiku, but also our daily work in the press media.
Albanian Independent News Agency is very successful and moves forward with secure steps in the wild competitiveness of the media.

General Director of AINA TIR-FAX.

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