AINA TIR-FAX, November 14, 2017



  • Myslym Pashaj: Renegotiating sea border with Greece will not be easy
  • Tritan Shehu: Sea agreement with Greece was a model and could not be rejected
  • Vetting, cast selects the first 6 judges to undergo the process
  • Compensation or asylum: Kukës residents require asylum to the American embassy in case they are not compensated for their lands where Power Plant will be built
  • SP: Reasons why the head of  CEC, Klement Zguri, must not be dismissed
  • Basha: Prosecutor`s Office and international partners should investigate money laundering with concessions
  • Gudar Beqiraj: How Ilir Meta managed to convince me to resign from the Academy of Science


  • EBRD, 70 million EUR for tourism in 4 Albanian districts
  • Basha: Albania in the black list of USA: Project “1 billion euro” under investigations
  • Government fund of 490 million for the youth employment


  • Orest Sota, Serious Crimes: Reassessment of the custody measure
  • Greek police injures 22 year old Albanian
  • 45 year old arrested for stabbing his wife and son
  • 57 year old arrested in Italy for drug trafficking
  • Fire in the garage, car totally burnt out
  • Viluni drugs, one of the traffickers arrested
  • Mysterious disappearance of advocate Besnik Muço: His belongings found in the ferry seized as evidence


  • Super-payments for doctors in remote areas
  • Abuse with properties in Spille, 6 employees of the Mortgage Office arrested
  • SMI, Mehmetaj: Budget for education lower than in 2016
  • Tirana municipality selected in ONU conference on Climate Changes as an example, Veliaj, a story of success


  • Albania won 3-2 versus Turkey in Antalya
  • Albanian national team in top shape, Pannuci `s merit
  • Pannuci: We fought as a great team! The match was not that “friendly”


  • Minister of Culture visits house of Lasgush Poradeci – Project on the poet life and activity to be completed soon
  • USA – Albanians, various celebration this year for 105th anniversary of Independence



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