AINA TIR-FAX, November 13, 2017



  • Message for Balkan: “Germany is by your side, but reforms are up to you”
  • Investment, Vetting bodies, still without budget
  • Basha accuses government: It wants to launder drugs` money
  • Authority of dossiers needs additional staff to be functional
  • SMI does not vote budget: Vasili challenges government: It is discriminating, new scandals are favored
  • Clash Ndreu-Salianji: Assembly rejects DP request
  • Vasili: Albania, a junction of the heroin market, Rama the main culprit
  • Fromer director of SIS proposed as Albania`s NATO Ambassador


  • Rama: “Budget 2018, biggest public investment package”
  • Peleshi: 2,6 million ALL for agriculture
  • BoA: Houses` price continues dropping in the third trimester, rents go down
  • Albanian Lek evaluates versus foreign currencies
  • EUROSTAT: Albanians transferred in 113 million euro in Europe in 2016


  • Car bursts into fire in Durrës-Tirana highway
  • “Smoke Snake”, Albanian handcuffed, 1 kg of heroin sequestered in Napoli
  • Dismissal of the prisons` directors, it will cost to the state budget
  • Albanian specialized for “Cobret” heroin, operation in Italy
  • Greek police handcuffs 22 year old Albanian


  • Armed Forces will rehabilitate Martyrs’ Cemeteries throughout Albania
  • Veliaj: The rehabilitation of three roads in Tirana completed, this way Tirana will be built
  • SMARTCOM: An opportunity for the professionals




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