AINA TIR-FAX, October 9, 2017



  • Rama: EU enlargement not “fair”, we accomplish our duties, but yet no certain data for the opening of the negotiations provided by EU
  • Basha: Intensive parliamentary activity against government
  • Kryemadhi: Rama, a national hazard
  • Rama introduces new director of National Food Authority
  • Construction in Vjosa, Xhafaj: 0 tolerance, investigation even from Internal Affairs and Complaints Service
  • Construction in Vjosa, Klosi: It will not be allowed
  • SMI: Radars didn`t work when drug was being distributed
  • Movements in prosecution: Heads suspected after the obtained information from embassies


  • Fines to businesses, Qato: We examine every request in real time
  • VAT, Rama: We closed the path of tax evasion
  • Seiko receives French ambassador: Albania, financial stability
  • Economy seems promising: Consumption and construction sector seems optimistic


  • 24 tons of hashish seized in Vlore. Prosecution: Criminal structured group, one police officer implicated
  • Man arrested for terrorism in Malajzi, police provides data for the arrested
  • Cyber crime attacks: Experts: Albania is endangered, security to be increased
  • Vlore, motorboat seized, three riders on the run
  • Robbery in Tirana, police arrests youngsters` gang
  • Shtraza process: Three police officers testify


  • Month against breast cancer: Mammography to be removed to Durres
  • Heavy traffic in Tirana-Durres highway 
  • Measures on the prevention of floods in Zadrima field
  • Municipality turns landfill into park


  • Restoration of Historic Center of Vlora to start soon
  • Feast of apple organized in Dvoran of Korca


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