AINA TIR-FAX, October 6, 2017



  • Donald Lu makes another strong appeal: The big fishes and gangsters must be imprisoned
  • Coalition with citizens, Rama presents the platform online
  • Emergencies to be located at Ministry of Defense, Mediu: The Armed Force`s roles not to be threatened
  • SMI:RAMA serving to oligarchy, he is killing the small business
  • No pact for Himara: Gjiknuri: The project to be implemented after finding a solution on properties


  • Rama: Opposition is protecting informality
  • Basha: Rama is threatening the small enterprises
  • Tax office relations with business: Investments Council Secretariats make known its concerns
  • 64 % of Albanians unsatisfied with their salaries
  • Euro evaluates versus Albanian ALL, it reaches the highest value in the last 6 months
  • VAT, Naco: Small business in a shocking situation


  • Boulevard massacre: 7 Dutch witness for the triple murder
  • False alarm in Tirana near the American Embassy
  • Criminal assets, 3 apartments sequestered in Vlore
  • Cannabis distributed at school, 20 year old arrested
  • Two brothers arrested for the murder of a 47 year old a year ago
  • 26 year old arrested for distribution of cocaine
  • 41year old from Peqini, declared wanted for stabbing man several times


  • Veliaj: New schools with integrated pre-schooling system


  • Albania inferior in the match against Spain with the result 3-0; the latter classifies in the World Championship


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