AINA TIR-FAX, October 5, 2017



  • Basha: No normal functionality with this majority
  • Basha: Elections my responsibility
  • Basha: Opposition lacks ideas and wants conflict
  • Taulant Balla: There are no super MPs, the regulation is the same for all
  • Exclusion from parliament, Basha reacts


  • Mima, costs for the citizens, Prices will go up by 20%
  • Ahmetaj Order: Documents that will no more required to businesses
  • BoA: Employment increased in the first semester of 2017 due to recruitments in the public administration
  • Global economic forum: Albania incapable of recruiting foreign investors
  • Economy experts require reduction of VAT for small enterprises


  • Report on anti-cannabis, foreign prosecutors gather data
  • 370 kg of cannabis seized Greece, Albanian among the arrested
  • Assassination in Vlora, imprisonment for one of the injured
  • Elbasan, court leaves the detainees in prison for the incident  
  • 4 barrels of drugs hidden in the parcel with vegetables, father and son arrested in Fier
  • 25 year old found with 15 doses of cocaine
  • Undercover policemen arrests cocaine trader in Shkoder


  • Lawsuit for the landfill, Kavaja Municipality: It was constructed illegally
  • Bleran, the village forgotten with no investments
  • Mammography in Lezha: Device to be installed within month


  • Italian photographer Franco Fontana comes with an exhibition in the National historical Museum

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