AINA TIR-FAX, October 30, 2017



  • Rama: I feel pity for Basha, We needed a pact for integration, I got damnations
  • DP: Balla officially confirms the lie for Zagani
  • Visho Ajazi resigns, Rama meets Meta, proposes Helidon
  • Basha: Rama puts no pressure to the Prosecutor`s Office, Tahiri must be arrested
  • Noka: Anti-mafia government needed, opposition has its own political action
  • Rama cuts funds to the Academy
  • Vasili: Science academy needs
  • Offices of the reform in the justice system inaugurated
  • Vettingu, last victory, Constitutional court rejects the request of judges
  • Basha: Resignation of Visho Ajazi: Pressure for Tahiri


  • Tax Office to small businesses: Goods to be associated with receipt, otherwise there will be consequences
  • Budget, damage 149 million euro, opposition: Damage from hashish 5 million euro


  • Car crashes 29 year old to death in Kruja
  • 15 ingots of explosive substance seized in Saranda
  • Vlore, citizen injured with gunfire


  • New port, old problems in Durres
  • Tirana joins Albanians for the local elections in Tuz


  • Albanian music in the focus of Financial times
  • Albanian bunkers in the national geographic channel


  • Temperatures go down for this week

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