AINA TIR-FAX, October 4, 2017



  • Platform for the reformation of DP: Bode: Head to be appointed
  • Taulant Balla: We stand for the pact of May 18
  • CEC, opposition members are impeding the decision for the DP fine
  • Llalla: We are investigating Aqif Rakipi upon DP request
  • Fight against criminal gangs: Within spring a complete new situation
  • Elections assessments: Local observers: Task Force was not operational during elections¬†


  • BoA governor, interest rates do not change, economy is growing
  • Tirana suburbs increase residents` prices varying from 50-15-euro per square meter
  • SMI: Concessions a negative practice
  • Ahmetaj: We are not endangered by concessions


  • Report on anti-cannabis, foreign prosecutors gather data
  • Tirana, father stabs son
  • Vlore, a dead body found in Zvernec beach
  • 53 year old arrested for injury with gunfire
  • Tirana, imprisonment for the deceitful advocate
  • Illegal logging, 4 inspectors criminally prosecuted in Durres
  • Woman victim of two attacks with explosive substance
  • Durres, 25 year old injured after clashes with guns


  • Vergo village in Delvina in poor living conditions lacking water and irrigation
  • Veliaj issues license to 500 flat administrators
  • Railway system in very poor conditions, Albania ranked the last in the world for the tracks quality


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