AINA TIR-FAX, October 20, 2017



  • Xhafaj protects Tahiri: Prosecution segments are being politically used
  • Llalla responds to Xhafaj: We are performing our duty
  • Basha: Xhafaj, Rama tool to put pressure on Prosecution
  • Buquicchio: The new justice institutions must be functional as soon as possible
  • Donald Lu and RomanaVlahutin meet Xhafaj
  • Rama: Constitutional Court unbiased
  • Kryemadhi: Rama must quit attacks to justice system
  • Tahiri Immunity, Mandate Council gathered 
  • Council of Mandates-Tahiri faced with prosecution
  • Prosecution discloses secrete evidence on Tahiri case in the Council of Immunity 
  • Shkodër – Tahiri Case, Hungarian ambassador: We don`t offer solutions, we monitor
  • Decision on immunity to be determined on Saturday for Tahiri
  • Hundreds of Tahiri supporters gathered in front of the parliament


  • Kukes, 55 million ALL invested for the functionally of the irrigation system
  • Interconnection with Macedonia, government a guarantee for OST
  • Concessions, IMF demands transparency from government


  • Domicile arrest for the man declared wanted by the Italian Justice
  • Motorboat with 1,5 tons of hashish seized, two motor-boat riders arrested
  • Clashes with gunfire in Elbasan
  • Accusations of Athens for “minorities”, Ministry of Foreign Affairs reacts: Provoking language and unprecedented intervention


  • New dentists to take care of children teeth in kindergartens
  • Berat, Osum “polluter” revealed
  • Kuçova–NFA blocks butcheries, traders: We haven`t worked since a week


  • Rama: “Wisdom today and forever”, exhibition of the Kosovar photographer Lala Meredith Vula


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