AINA TIR-FAX, October 2, 2017



  • Basha: Albanian towards the abyss, DP, political action against crime
  • Donald Lu: The big fishes are uncatchable: There are four clans in Albania
  • Meta receives the head of Bulgarian Audit, CvetanCvetkov
  • Xhafaj, sends message of appreciation and encouragement for the State Police
  • Law on Minorities discussed in the commission, Bulgarian embassy intervenes
  • SMI, Vasili: Decisions to be revoked, otherwise there is no efficiency in the process
  • Luan Rama: 97 million ALL per month for the non-functional radars
  • DP letter to ambassadors: The government is undermining the vetting process
  • HCJ gathered, steps on the assessment of the judges defined
  • 20 years of magistrate, EU: Support for the Justice institutions
  • Wilton: Justice Reform to be trusted by the people themselves
  • Head of the Albanian State PoliceHakiƇako in Pekinat the Interpol Assembly


  • Transofrmation of Libohova, project for the promenade, facades and sewage system
  • Arber road, MIE starts the examination of offers
  • Investments lower than planned due to the limitation of procurement


  • 712 kg of cannabis seized in Otranto, 3 Albanian motorbike riders arrested
  • Man handcuffed by Italian justice for trafficking 60 kg of heroine
  • Assassination in Vlora, police focused on revenge tracks
  • Flase alarm in Tirana for robbery
  • Man found hanged at the artificial lake


  • Gjirokaster-Pekin, agreement between universities


  • Action starts on the cleaning of the national road axes
  • AF build complete the construction of the Arrez bridge in Devoll


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