AINA TIR-FAX, October 17, 2017



  • Kryemadhi and Vasili in the Democratic Party headquarters
  • Skopie summit: Rama meets Zaevi: Meeting of the two governments
  • Kryermadhi: A chain linking Tahiri with crime
  • Basha: Rama sold Tahiri
  • Tahiri: I apologize for selling my car, but I have no links to Habilajt
  • Italian dossier, Kryemadhi reacts: It is only the summit of the iceberg emerging
  • DP: Working group for the incriminated MPsto be set out
  • Conflicts at parliament, DP MPs and Bushati harsh debate at parliament
  • Saimir Tahiri joins SMI and DP, Kryemadhi says “YES” to Basha invitation
  • Llalla meeting with prosecutors of Serious Crimes


  • Cela: OSHEE: No energy price increase  
  • European Commission scans Albanian economy, positive trends expected


  • “Fall 2017” motorboat amounting to 150 thousand euro seized
  • Cocaine and weapons seized in the 35 year old house
  • Petrol station robbed: 35000 thousand ALL stolen
  • Vlore, luxurious car found in ashes
  • Tirana, road accident in Peza, one dead
  • Hashish in Prespa, Greek police catches transporter with 32 kg


  • Bulqiza, teaching process in miserable conditions
  • Third phase of registration: 4000 A level students to benefit
  • Tirana municipality presents the student guide on the occasion of the new academic year
  • Poverty over education, no books in schools


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