AINA TIR-FAX, October 16, 2017



  • Basha: Negotiations to be opened by June
  • Basha: Small business must not pay VAT
  • VAT, Basha: Small business in crises due to prices` increase
  • Habilajt arrest, Basha: We have denounced him for 4 years
  • Electoral reform: Vasili: Vote not to be sold any more, criminalization to be stopped
  • Bushati responds to Athens: Ready to follow the Greek model, if there is any
  • Berisha: The gang of Saimir Tahiri dismantled, former minister of Interior to be arrested soon
  • Xhafaj meets with heads of the criminal police


  • Bad loans drop, 340 million USA less in a year
  • Anti-informality operation continues: 1420 businesses fined, 212 others closed
  • Albanian economy: Seiko annual meetings with IMF and WB, positive trends


  • Albanians caught in Greece for bringing cocaine from Columbia
  • International operation, Xhafaj mobililizes police
  • Car crashes motorcycle, two people in serious life conditions


  • Asylum seekers, number increased at border
  • Xhacka: New recruitment¬†process in the Armed Forces, treatment of military forces to be upgraded
  • American lottery: Registration resumes


  • Universities opened doors to 22.200 new students
  • Lots of vacancies in Tirana university, 10 more days for registrations
  • Vacancies to be filled even in other universities in towns
  • Charity for education, Shkalle-Dajt school reconstructed


  • Kanina, protected area of cultural heritage, Rama: Region to be transformed ¬†

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