AINA TIR-FAX, October 12, 2017



  • Meta meets Haradinaj
  • European Commission praises Albania, a good neighbor
  • Flamur Noka challenges Ruci: The Speaker of Parliament interrupts plenary session
  • Minorities, Berisha with Dule, DP-SMI signs against Rama
  • Socialists: Noka to be dismissed from parliament for 10 days
  • Basha: Rama links with crime
  • Rama to be dismissed from parliament for pressing offences to Berisha
  • Crises within DP, Kellici: We are working with Basha to build trust
  • Kumbaro explains the truth about Butrint construction


  • Experts warn that the completion of TAP and Devoll cascade endangers economy by dropping investments 
  • “VIP” businesses require accurate documents
  • VAT for all, small businesses risk bankruptcy 
  • Remittances, 75 % come from Italy and 14% come from USA


  • Former Minister of Energy Dritan Prifti passes away after struggling with Leukemia
  • Assassination in Lushnja: the victim killed by mistake, they missed the aimed target
  • 64 kg of cannabis seized, 50 year old arrested
  • Boy arrested after stabbing his grandfather


  • Scandal with disabled children, mother terrified from the exercised violence 
  • School disinfection, pupils of Gjegjan are still suffering health problems
  • Autistic children don`t have assistant teacher
  • Weather surprises: Tomorrow temperatures to go up to 28 degrees Celsius


  • “Kruja mosaic at “Pazari i Ri”: Life has changed for 1 thousand people
  • Two icons restored, part of the National Historic Museum


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