AINA TIR-FAX, October 11, 2017



  • Passports, Meta against Tha├ži
  • Edi Rama starts his official visit in Italy
  • Manjani: Opposition must support integration
  • Gentiloni: It is time for the negotiations to be opened for Albania
  • Meta meets Foreign Minister of Finland in Kosovo


  • VAT for all: IMF against the government
  • Construction in Butrint: Harsh clashes in the Commission
  • Females paid 34% less than males by foreign companies in Albania
  • International Population Bureau: Albanian population to be shrank by 2050
  • Ngjela talks about reasons that caused Rama to impose VAT


  • Assassination in Lushnja, two killed, one wounded
  • Shkoder, explosive substance placed to education inspector
  • Lezha, 335 kg of marijuana seized, 3 handcuffed
  • Two policemen dismissed for issuing passport to man declared wanted
  • Denunciation: Ministry of Education suspends teachers


  • Violence exercised to problematic children, no reaction from the Ministry of Education
  • Lawsuit for the landfill, Kavaja Municipality: It was constructed illegally
  • Scandal, disabled children, subjected to violence
  • Road cleaning, Gjiknuri in Lezha: Accident to be stopped
  • Food safety: Tirana municipality upgrades markets
  • The Project of the Great Ring affects 20 families in Farka: Residents want compensation



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