AINA TIR-FAX, September 6, 2017



• Government to work on Saturday, Parliament will held two sessions
• Integration, Bushati: 2018, decisive year for EU
• “Government “Meeting”, informal meeting in Velipoja
• Kryemadhi: Our restructuring will start with women and girls
• Bushati in SEECP: Three dangers for the region
• Bashaattends the EPP: Reformation of the electoral system
• Veliajin the Summit in Izrael for Tirana transformation
• Bushati meets Cavusoglu, talks about the establishment of a new Albanian airline
• Government starts reforming the public administration. The first to be reformed the            Directorate of Money Laundering Prevention


• Women salaries to approach men`s in Albania
• Power plants, Ministry of Energy and Industry announces two new concessions
• Government changes budget, adaptation with the structure
• Bad loans drop again
• INSTAT launches questioner: 90% not satisfied with their salary


• Albanians of the hashish yacht residents in Durrës and Tiranë
• Cërrik, 32 year old arrested for rape of 10 year old girl
• Cërrik, brawl among underage, 15 year old stabbed
• Tirana police strikes another prostitution network
• 32 kg of cannabis sativa seized in Durres
• Police sequesters one ton of cannabis in Vlore


• Tirana marathon, increased interest from foreigners
• Damages from the heat, half of agricultural products dried

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