AINA, TIR-FAX, September 28, 2017



  • Kryemadhi letter to Vlahutin: Vetting process is undermined
  • Plenary session, ART blocks signal for the cabling companies, SMI and DP accuses Rama
  • Rama: Parliament with its own TV, no other cameras to be allowed
  • Basha: Criminal gang intimidates police, the latter does not react
  • Drugs and Crime: Clashes between Rama and Basha
  • Xhafaj reacts to Basha: When you were Minister of Interior, cannabis cultivation was managed by the state
  • Vetting process: Constitutional Court postpones the request for complaint examination of the Judges Union
  • Seventh Committee EU-Albania on the reform in the Public Administration takes place in Tirana


  • International passengers transportation sector marks considerable increase coinciding with the touristic season
  • Clash on properties in Himara, OMONIA informs Athens
  • Dule: Greeks` properties are being expropriated, Kumbaro: Everything is going on according to regulations
  • Competitive market, Albania leaves Greece behind and goes up with 5 places
  • Two youngsters die in Korçë in a road accident


  • 25 year old arrested in Tirana after being seized with cocaine
  • Berat, 300 kg of cannabis sequestered, dozens of plants seized
  • 54 kg of cannabis sequestered in Këlcyrë, two arrested in Korçë
  • 3 persons arrested in three cases of domestic violence
  • “Fall” operation, 4 vehicles amounting to1 million euro sequestered


  • Hospital directors, selection criteria defined
  • Archeological discoveries in Maliq
  • Reconstruction in SiriKodra school to be completed soon
  • Emigration trauma, the returnees ask for assistance
  • Albania has the lowest rate of vegetarians in the world
  • Psychologist Order issues license to 164 psychologists

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