AINA TIR-FAX, September 28, 2017



  • OSCE-ODIHR publishes report on elections
  • Zguri: OSCE-ODIHR report a guide to the future
  • Assembly, structure and functionality of vetting adopted
  • Bushati: Negotiations to be opened next year
  • Austrian ambassador: This four years to determine integration, Albania needs to do the housework


  • Economic growth 4%, the highest since 2012
  • Basha: Economic growth of 4%, an ordinary deception
  • Basha receives heads of IMF: Mission to supervise government
  • Rama: Albania about to achieve 5% of economic growth
  • Bank of Albania: Bad loans drop
  • Sejko in Moscow: Monetary normalization in Europe has no negative effects in Albania


  • Fourth injured in Lapraka after clash
  • DP, policeman caused the accident and left the injured at the spot
  • Two security guards accused of private companies robbery
  • Child involved in accident in Fier


  • Negotiations on Himara, parties closer to an agreement
  • Tirana university in the last place as confirmed in the final report
  • Rubish in Leshnica village, residents clash with municipality
  • Children turned back n Albania from the EU countries encounter difficulties with school
  • Alarm: The deceases that cause 60% of death s in Albania

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