AINA TIR-FAX, September 22, 2017



  • Patozi: If Basha does not agree to quit the DP leadership, he will be responsible for his own destruction
  • Basha: DP`s enemy is the alliance of crime, not one person only
  • Harsh debates within DP, critics of Basha require the legalization of fractions
  • DP leader: There will be no fractions till I quit the DP leadership
  • Sonila Qato speaks for the first time as Minister of State for the Protection of Entrepreneurship


  • Balla meets the German ambassador, foreign investments in focus
  • Exports of services increased
  • WB: Albanian and Switzerland the countries with the highest rainfalls per year, investments needed on weather forecasting
  • High prices in Albania leaving behind Italy and Greece
  • Seiko present at the conference organized by the Bosnia and Herzegovina National Bank


  • 51 year old arrested for injuring 60 year old man
  • After Elbasan, “Vjeshta” operation reaches Vlora
  • Incident in Elbasan, security measure applied to the arrested
  • Tirana, house engulfed by fire in Don Bosko street
  • 21 year old involved in criminal activity handcuffed in Vlora
  • 20 year old injures policeman in Kamez


  • Llotary 2019, two advices from the American embassy
  • Tirana mayor: Electric cars the solution to pollution
  • First snow falls in Kukes city
  • No transportation, 35 children cannot reach school
  • Rainfalls season, Lana River bank wiped out of debris
  • Butcheries that do not meet standards closed

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