AINA TIR-FAX, September 21, 2017



  • Rama meets Erdogan in New York, economic relations discussed
  • Rama meets Donald Trump
  • UNO Assembly, Bushati meets Kotzias and Hahn
  • Law against symbols of communism, Basha meets Gloss
  • Minister Xhafaj receives Dutch ambassador: New measures to be taken by the police
  • Bushati meets Hans in USA: Trieste Summit engagements delivery
  • Bushati: Relationships with Greece in a defining moment


  • New agreement with IMF: The pact the same as with developed countries
  • Ahmetaj: Big enterprises to be inspected
  • Ahmetaj: Economic growth to be increased by 5 %
  • INSTAT: During 2016 treated less urban solid waste
  • Trade with foreign countries – INSTAT: Exports of construction materials and metals increased


  • Drug trafficking, two Greeks seized in the border with Albania
  • Fire damage National Library
  • Incidents with Police, special forces invade Elbasan
  • 40 year old arrested after biting mother in law
  • 18 year old found hanged after 23 days of disappearance


  • “Oxhaku” street completed, Veliaj: No more mud and dust
  • Pharmacies in Albania lack cures on Epilepsies and Parkinson
  • Resistance to antibiotics significantly increases medicament’s` consumption

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Albanian Independent News Agency (AINA) TIR-FAX, was founded in conformity to the laws of the Republic of Albania, in August 1996. It is the first and the only media of this kind in Albania. Since its beginnings, AINA TIR-FAX, built a professional strategy in order to be a reliable media and distant itself from politics and reflect the reality not affected by any political convictions and conveying to its subscribers up-to-date daily, professional and totally independent news and information.
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