AINA, TIR-FAX, September 20, 2017



  • Vetting of Justice, Government supports new institutions
  • Electoral reform, DP leader starts consultations with the allies
  • Bushati receives the Secretary General of OSCE
  • Borchardt: Social and economic problems need to be sorted out as they lead to crime
  • 8 experts of International Monitoring Operation (IMO) come in Tirana for the Vetting process
  • Minister of Interior Xhafaj receives Knut Fleckenstein
  • Race opened for members of the Council of Statistics


  • Drought is not going to affect investment, Director of OSHEE: Touristic areas a priority
  • Pensions, former military officers complain at the Constitutional Court


  • Murderer of the , and requires freedom
  • Bank robbers deny accusations
  • Two pharmacists arrested for smuggling of medicaments
  • One ton of cannabis sequestered, two motorboat riders arrested
  • Kukes, disappeared girl found dead
  • 42 kg of cannabis sequestered in Memaliaj
  • Tragedy in Durres, fire flames cause the death of triplet


  • Urban waste, many illegal landfills in Vlora
  • Air pollution, 2120 deaths per year in Albania, specialists raises alarm
  • Gjirokaster, Autism center in full capacity
  • Minister of Environment launches operation on waste cleaning all over Albania
  • Rrogozhina, residents in protest for the new landfill site
  • Tirana municipality policy to reduce plastic bags continues, meeting with representatives from the “Bread Production association”

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