AINA TIR-FAX, September 19, 2017



  • Consensus at parliament, vetting process to start in October
  • DP leader: Vetting process to start from Rama and its ministers
  • Basha- Fleckenstein: Electoral reform and political system
  • European integration: Extension perspective in the Balkan countries
  • DP parliamentarian group gathered today to discusses on the first step of the electoral reform, decriminalization
  • Fleckenstein gives the good news to Albania: No visa free regime to be removed
  • Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs gives the good news to Albanians living in Germany: Social protection agreement signed


  • Race opened for the Fier and Vlora by-passes, a retendering process starts
  • Crises in the construction sector due to restricted procedures on construction permits


  • Police head car deliberately crashed in Elbasan
  • Vlore, drugs sequestered in truck
  • Two brothers arrested for exercising violence against their uncle
  • 19 year old arrested for escaping the accident scene involving an underage boy
  • Perpetrator declared wanted arrested in Saranda for injury
  • Road accidents number went up by 8,6% in August with 22 dead
  • 25 kg of drugs seized in Vlora port


  • Draught leads to prices` increase in the market
  • Rainfalls and lower temperatures in the coming week
  • FAO data: Albanians the greatest consumers of fruits in the Balkan region
  • Young environmentalists clean up Buna River banks


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