AINA, TIR-FAX, September 18, 2017



  • European Parliament Member meets with Meta, Ruçi and Balla
  • Flenchestein: Negotiations for Albania to be opened next year
  • DP: Law on decriminalization of communist symbols
  • Rama initiative to remove medals of Enver Hoxha goes to parliament
  • DP asks for explanations on how the “super ministries” are going to be organized
  • SP ready to approve the establishment of the electoral reform commission
  • Albania adds other troops in Afghanistan


  • Confederation of Industry raises the alarm on the application of the reduced tax on dividend
  • Ministry of Finance starts selling treasury bonds amounting to 6,1 billion ALL


  • Accident in Kamez, 15 year old lost his life
  • Korçë, heroin trader arrested
  • 15 Kosovars intoxicated in a restaurant in Durres
  • Fier, 26 year old falls from the third floor
  • Albanian seized with cocaine and 12 thousand euros
  • Car crashes motorcycle, 60 year old dead


  • Albanian traces, Durres, the city who challenged “ the end” of the world
  • Railways deteriorated, 4 million euro loss
  • Shkoza residents send letter to Donald Lu and Vlahutin to intervene on the demolition of their houses
  • Albania the first country in the region for the cheapest price of hashish and cocaine


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