AINA TIR-FAX, September 14, 2017



  • SP head divides tasks in the parliamentarian group
  • SP appoints heads of the parliamentary commissions
  • Assembly approves the parliamentary commissions` heads: DP leaves to posts to SMI
  • Hans: Government to prioritize vetting process
  • SP leader: Ruçi restored dignity to the Parliament
  • The two governments meet in Korca: Pacolli meets with Meta, Bushati and Rama


  • Criminal assets: Three vehicles confiscated
  • Switzerland continues to support the Bank of Albania
  • Shano: Investments lack, Albania cannot reach economic growth of 5%
  • INSTAT: Unemployment level drops in Albania


  • Police inspector arrested for leakage of secret information
  • Man arrested for exercising violence against his wife
  • Gun shooting in Saranda, residents alarmed
  • 40 year old arrested for stabbing youngster in Elbasan
  • 670 thousand euro deriving from criminal activity sequestered
  • Accident in Levan-Tepelena road axis, one dead and one injured
  • Counterfeiters seized, “Permeso” operation handcuffs offenders


  • Storm damages crops
  • Residents protest in Shkoza for house demolition
  • Kukes: Kosovars rebuild kindergarten
  • Demolished flat in Vlora, Rama: No compensation, case goes to court
  • American lottery, ADS confirms it even for 2018


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