AINA TIR-FAX, September 11, 2017



  • Meta in Italy, first official visit abroad as president
  • Prime Minister Rama introduces the new program: Economy, tourism, integration
  • DP leader congratulates new Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj
  • Meta decrees government


  • Customs publishes list of businesses that benefit from amnesty
  • Prime Minister Rama announces the good news of Albania ranking 8 places higher as regards World Economic Forum


  • Vlore, 28 year old mother dies after giving birth to her child
  • Vlore, 1 tons of drugs seized, possessors declared wanted
  • 82 year old academic Farudin Hoxha passes away this morning
  • Dramatic situation in Saranda: Four Swedish tourists blocked at sea
  • Man dies after intoxicating himself
  • Explosive place in car: Traffic blocked for several hours in Durres road axis
  • 51 year old arrested for trafficking works of art


  • School starts, police takes rigid measures
  • 33 thousand new pupils registered for the first time in schools
  • School starts even for 3000 disabled children
  • Demolition of objects in Vlore, landowners conflict with police
  • Teaching in shifts to be over soon
  • Government “signs” the destruction of Shala river described as the Thailand of Albania
  • Science academy ready for reformation

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