AINA TIR-FAX, June 9, 2017



• Dismissals. Justice Ministry doesn’t recognize PAD

• Basha from Shkodra invites Rama in a political debate for the 2nd time

• Rama – June 25 vote is a vote to reform the entire public administration

• Vice PM keeps asking criminal prosecutions for civil servants involved in the campaign

• The youth is better to deal with politics and make it batter, Meta says

• Former Education Minister press charges against Blushi for slander

• Rama in Pogrades states his team will take the national flag to EU garden

• What’s the purpose of government’s Task Force?

• CEC – Commissioners duty in the election day, a commitment to the state

• Borchardt – Foreign and local observers will improve election process

• The CC considers judges association petition on the 3 Articles on the 22 of June


• Businesses threatened by Tax Department

• DP’s economic plan that will stir op employment and economic growth

• IAF holds 2 days training to DPA staff over ISO 50001 standard

• Albanian products presented at the international fair in China

• No electoral flags. How much has it lowered political parties expenses?

• The PPPs. Transparency and guaranty on public finances is needed, experts say

• Chamber of Commerce – Today tax scheme…an additional burden to companies

• US Chamber of Commerce – High tax level will bring deep disadvantages

• Albania estimates as a country with the highest level of investments by Unctad 

• Finance Ministry employees leave their job to serve the campaign

• Currency values today


• Survey. Albanian women are more qualified but less paid than men


• Weather forecast tomorrow

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