AINA TIR-FAX, June 8, 2017



• All three in a single voice about the Vetting process

• Constitutional changes are at the gist of the new Republic

• The Republicans – Punish those who incriminated politics

• SP pledges it will work 4 times more in the next mandate

• Berat and Skrapar, two of SMI fortes, where everything begun

• Meta – Government’s Task Force that probe administration is against the law

• SMI leader statement in a press release

• Croatian Embassy puts on a reception on the day of its National Day

• CEC and EC, together for an acknowledged election process

• What does Basha promises to the youth?

• Ramadan Month. President honors Muslim Community with a dinner invitation

• Implementation of Vetting law is soon to kick off by sanctioning its bodies


• Minister Ekonomi attends Belgrade forum. Albania holds very favorable climate

• Elections. Everything is decided by the economy…

• BoA will exercise a tough financial surveillance on banks

• Finance Ministry demands probe to Kakavija’s Custom workers

• AEC sells by day and byes by night the same quantity

• TAP plans 70 projects, of EUR 15 mln value, in the months to come

• Electoral “billions” to farmers. Can be given that much money to agriculture?

• Custom sets new excise measures for 29 sort of products

• Food prices prevail over inflation growth during May

• SSA report of EUR 170 mln of damage to the state by NANR

• Currency values today


• City Hall, in a challenge to build a modern botanic garden


• Weather forecast tomorrow

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