AINA TIR-FAX, June 14, 2017



• Opposition leader, Basha, meets Trump

• Rama promises that Arber Road is to terminate this September

• The wrath of newly elected president to the violence against an 18 years old boy

• Civil Service Surveillance Commission demands employees back to work

• Rama’s reaction to Meta’s accusations

• SMI press charges against CEC over JUIP counters

• SMI representatives inform EU Ambassadors over the current situation

• Basha – We will take mines from oligarchs possession

• Vice PM, Mandija – No one can intimidate the Task Force raised to observe civil servant behavior

• Remember all the broken promises when you vote…Basha addresses to Rama

• Albania sends its first military forces to Lithuania


• Urban renaissance. The huge cost debate

• INSTAT – Production quantity increased to 13.4% in the 1st trimester

• By INSTAT net sale index marked a growing volume

• BoA attends the first Science Conference on money and banking in Albania

• Tirana Business Matching assembles investors from around the world

• US Embassy in Tirana opens race for 24,000 USD grants that supports NGOs

• Eurostat – Albania is the country with the lowest GDP and consumption per capita

• INSTAT also reports that sales in industry have climbed, but employment falls

• EURo 16 mln to be spend on Dajt Hotel reconstruction by BoA

• Drought alarm. EEC claims for urgent energy import

• Currency values today


• Weather forecast tomorrow

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