AINA TIR-FAX, June 13, 2017



• A CUD representative holds campaign along with DP

• Meta – I won’t decree any Premier that steals votes

• Ahmetaj – SP is the sole political forces with a concrete economic program

• Demiraj meets Sttaler. Providing a normal election process is our priority

• Rama – Two gates that serves the building of a strong state

• Wife of newly elected President holds electoral meetings with women and girls

• Politicians, contempt to gay community but seeking their vote

• Russian Ambassador in Tirana assures that relations with Albania are at e positive track

• Meta – Everything is Rama’s fault. He doesn’t know how to govern

• EU delegation – Albanian authorities shall be committed to justice reform enforcement


• Economy experts – Here’s the way how to make tax unchanged for 10 years

• Business come out with a new economic platform to the government

• Sejko holds lecture at Oxford University on Albanian economic situation

• World Bank is going to have its new representative in Albania

• INSTAT – Retail prices climbed up in the first 3 months, 2.5 %

• Approx EUR 12 mln is spend to the Skanderbeg Square reconstruction

• Experts say parties electoral programs do not provide sustainable economic growth

• BoA reports that public debt is mounting instead of falling off

• Finance Ministry reports of 160 thousand drivers avoid car test and taxes

• Figures by BoA indicate a rise and a fall of foreign investments

• Currency values today


• ANSA – Albania is Italians’ favorable tourism destination


• Weather forecast tomorrow

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