AINA TIR-FAX, May 29, 2017



• Basha – By leaving DP’s founders outside, I took the right decision

• Integration Minister – We’ll create 170 thousand new jobs places

• Rama – No matter who wins, one shall felicitate the other

• Justice Minister hosts OSCE/ODIHR head of mission

• SMI presents electoral program

• Basha invites PM Rama to a TV debate

• Former PM Berisha – I do not influence any Basha’s decision

• SMI pays tribute to the death of its MP Gjovalin Kadeli

• BMM fines all those TVs that break the law during electoral campaign

• Council of Europe offers full sustain to CEC with the election day

• 193 candidates in a hearing session at Vetting Ad-Hoc Committee

• European Integration & Negotiation Academy holds seminars in Tirana


• SP promises a drop to dividend tax to 3 times more

• INSTAT – Commodities transport surged up to 2.6%

• In 4 moths public investments generated LEK 3.8 bln more than in 2016

• High cost of bank transfers. Bank Association draft a project to lower it

• Extracting industries weight down by new accounting draft

• Tax on online purchase drops drastically

• Purchasing power. Albania ranks the 98th

• Currency exchange in the common currency still a choice for individuals

• Businesses in Albania demand for lower taxes

• Currency values today


• USD 7 mln installation as a fund to former politically prosecuted

• Albanians would rather prefer air travel


• Weather forecast tomorrow

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