AINA TIR-FAX, April 29, 2017



• He who overthrew the old regime now runs as President

• Speaker Meta becomes President with 87 votes in parliament

• SP publishes the electoral list. PM Rama the 6th in Vlora

• Premier Rama states that DP still got chances

• SMI entrusts its electoral list to the youth

• Justice Mister stresses country’s interest comes above all. Compromise is indispensable

• CEC- April 29 is the final deadline to handle candidate’s lists

• Basha – The election of the new President is part of secret deal

• Meta – As the new President I am committed to any dialogue that solves the crisis

• New President – The crisis will be solved, I believe in Berisha’s experience

• Former President Nishani felicitates Speaker Meta

• Here is what DP proposes during the negotiations

• Foreign Minister – Democracy crisis is turning into a interethnic one


• BoA – The public debt Albania has to pay dropped to 68.4%

• Lack of rains diminishes HPP levels

• Economist Intelligence Unit reports a 3.5% of economic growth to Albania

• Favorite businesses. Retail leads in Tirana

• Shkelqim Bosgo – What do Albanians truly benefit from TAP project

• Banking system needs recovery. Bankers fell pessimistic

• Bankers – What do we expect from 2017

• Political crisis, a curse to financing resources. All the wealth left unused

• A new dream may come true. Pocrem HPP to be constructed. What’s the impact?

• Albania-Ukraine Business Forum over a free market agreement

• Currency values today


• Which job places are best paid in Albania?


• Weather forecast tomorrow

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