AINA TIR-FAX, March 31, 2017



• Rama sign with Switzerland two education agreements

• SP appeals to emigrants in Greece to cast their vote on June 18

• Basha – The press is vomiting merely lies over my statements at EPP

• Opposition states to have found full support from scholars and professors

• Vice PM – Our coalition with SMI has been successful

• SMI let down by education reform

• Justice Minister – The future of coalition depends on pact observation

• IMO is to verify the files of 84 members of Vetting bodies

• DP leader with EU officials – A battle for free elections is a European one

• Bushati attends NATO Foreign Ministers meeting

• EU Ambassador, Vlahutin – EU projects must be kept far from elections


• Foreign investments reach EUR 1 bln

• EBRD representative evaluate Albanian economic progress

• Economy Minister – Craftsmanship, the sector that boosts employment

• Extracting industry is seducing foreign and local investors

• UNECE chooses Albania. EUR 500 thousand to housing and urban development

• WB – Regional Power exchange is the future of Albania

• BoA shows a slight increase of economic loan lending

• EUR 25 mln fund to Albania-Italy- Montenegro joint projects

• Incomes form remittances mount up to 3%

• Worlds’ Economic Forum ranks Albania economy the 75th

• Use of EURO. Experts point of view flow the other way round

• Currency values today


• Tirana Mayor introduces the capital to Vienna as a stable city


• Weather forecast tomorrow

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