AINA TIR-FAX, March 30, 2017



• Disputes among left-wing coalition won’t cease

• PM Rama – EPP resolution was not voted by DP

• Basha – A President from Diaspora? Rama should first read the Constitution

• Opposition leader meets in Malta the head of EUROPOL

• 7 laws of the justice reform took 88 votes in parliament

• Parliament votes amendments in the Criminal Code

• DP – We are getting full Europe sustain to our cause

• Premier Rama is paying an official visit to Switzerland

• Bushati greets Kosovo’s agreements in Prague and Paris for the Western Balkan Fund

• US Ambassador – Albanians should not stay indifferent to violence and discrimination

• Rama – If Balkan EU integration fails then check-border issue may erupt

• April Fool is turning into a nightmare to Call Centers companies in Albania


• BoA will take the upper hand on bankers’ bonus

• Ahmetaj stresses that for debts’ remission was agreed with IMF

• BoA informs that inflation is facing frequent oscillations

• Territorial reform. Municipalities increase fiscal revenues

• INSTAT – Exports of mineral group marked a considerable increase

• 1st Agricultural cooperation workshop among Greece and Albania

• Sejko – Banks enjoy financial liquidity and good health to lend loans to economy

• Thanks to low interest rate individuals are getting back to long-term savings

• Businesses interrupt their investment’s plans for fear of political crises

• During 2016 domestic foreign exchange reserves surged by 63 million or 2.1%

• Currency values today


• Weather forecast tomorrow

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