AINA TIR-FAX, February 27, 2017



• A caretaker government ruled by a lrft-wing PM. Can it be?

• Minister Bushati will travel to Athens on bilateral issues

• Premier concerned that Vetting is being mistreated

• PM Rama – Vetting is the polar star to building a strong state

• Mogherini – I do feel let down by Albanian politicians

• Prosecution is conducting verifications over Basha’s violent calls

• EC members interested in a possible electronic voting

• Lu and Vlahutim are part of IMO mission to guarantee Vetting

• Why Minister Vasili sees IMO presence in Albania non-constitutional?

• DP leader – Freedom is menaced by crime dictatorship

• Interior Minister sign along with citizens the petition for Vetting

• SP MP hands his mandate over

• CDU German youth joins DP’s protest

• Premier Rama pledges to suspend Zharra’s workings ad pay workers off


• IMF – You can’t attain tting inside a tent, but rather in parliament

• What did IMF left behind in Albania now that it is leaving?

• Debt remission. Government may encase € 260 mln this year

• Ahmetaj – After the election a new program with IMF starts off

• In 2016 AIDA assisted 337 Albanian companies

• FSA demands executive director’s resignation for e range of violations

• Public debt fell to 71% of Gross Domestic Product in 2016

• As for investors Albania has lagged behind

• Albania concludes successfully its presentation at Beograd fair

• Free power market. EDO new standard office that assist businesses

• Businesses with 1 to 4 employees generate more revenues in Albania

• Currency values today


• Public education students get over private ones


• Weather forecast tomorrow

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