AINA TIR-FAX, February 25, 2017



• Decriminalization. Speaker Meta, a clear message to PM Rama

• Basha – Our mission will be accomplished after burying the old republic

• Police press charges against Basha on calling for violent actions

• Wicker – Albania should hold standard elections as a NATO member country

• Biba-Llalla bearing the lion on the den over Prenga’s mandate legitimacy

• Geneva Police Head – There is no Albanian mafia in Swiss

• Hundreds of citizens on the street sign in favor of Vetting law

• Minority law. PM – It makes Albania a contributor to religious harmony

• CEC – Accounting experts must audit political parties funds

• Premier hands out 500 permission license in Vlora city

• Albania and Germany together in the fight against organized crime


• Project on common grocery markets construction recently launched

• IMF lends to Albania €73 mln of loan under mild terms

• Banks plan to invest € 19 mln on IT for this year

• Ital-Albanian program grants € 320 mln to 5 hospital emergences

• Risk analyses. Finances looking for auditing experts to certify tax statement

• Since 5 years cement business faces a continuous shrink

• A common, modern Albania and Montenegro check-point

• Ekonomi – Thanks to BNC businesses check in will be easier

• A road along way Vlora River is a new initiative to boost tourism

• Currency values today


• The end of chaos. 16 cities will implement the new ratified urban plan


• Weather forecast tomorrow

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