AINA TIR-FAX, January 30, 2017



• EC – We need to see anti-crime and corruption outcomes

• Primer discharges Minister of Justice, Manjani, from duty

• Deputy PM – Manjani’s statements show his dismissal was fair

• SMI deputy-head assigned Justice Minister

• Luan Rama – SMI couldn’t defend the “Balkan Escobar”

• SMI-SP coalition will run its course. Agreement won’t be broken

• DP – Manjani was dismissed for being above the board

• Leader of LIBRA stated Manjani is the only minister to speak the truth

• Minister Manjani – This is why they have me dismissed

• A new addresses list initiative by the government

• Memorandum of understanding among Albania and EU signed

• Albania Helsinki Committee – Electoral Code, a victim of political back &forth

• Prague accepts EC recommendation on accession talks with Albania


• Economy Minister – E-inspection will lead to full businesses formality

• Government will provide the marine shipping service by concession

• Chamber of Commerce&Industry and State Inspectors come together on mutual matters

• PDO byes EUR 10.9 mln energy power for February

• A 1 bln USD investment on infrastructure, health and education planned

• WB reports on informal payment. Albania the most problematic

• Are the funds to national security sector truly transparent?

• Art under informality operation process, to prevent fiscal invasion

• Economy Committee hearing session on public funds management

• Banking services have increasingly diminished since 2012

• Currency values today


• Tirana Mayor – Thank you to City Hall police. 200 lives saved


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