AINA TIR-FAX, January 27, 2017



• French President calls his visit to Albania off

• Ad-Hoc Committee on CEZ denigrates in resentments

• SMI a party that observes every agreement

• CDU sends a clear message to Albania over elections

• Justice Minister against reasonable suspicion as proposed by US experts

• OSCE fails to get SP DP along with the electoral reform

• Justice Reform implementation initiates through JAC establishment

• The President agrees on convoking National Security Council

• Former Ombudsman confesses what could he do better and didn’t

• Maritime Forces back to motherland from NATO 2-months operation

• Interior Minister pledges to bring ‘Balili” to justice a.s.a.p

• President awards 35 families that sheltered Hebrews in WWI

• KAS to assist DP in drafting public policies in the near future


• EBRD points out an economic inequality in Albania

• Cotex Textile opens its thirds factory in Albania

• Sejko speaks of the fast economic growth Albania has maintained

• How is Albania going to benefit from TAF agreement?

• Experts – Hereafter state should treat trade agreements with maturity

• Power stock exchange. Individuals shall operate by e fix range of prices

• Revenues from gains constitute 6% of the total banking incomes

• Construction sector is the main narcotics money laundry

• Money laundry is based on informality and corruption. Bad for economy

• This is how economic experts see Albania economy journey during 2017

• Foreign investors notice the obstacles in the small Albanian market

• Currency values today


• Earthquake shook up some cities


• Weather forecast tomorrow

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