AINA TIR-FAX, December 30, 2016



? Primer ? It will be us who will chose the next President

? Kavaja Mayor?s lawyer considers charges pressed against Roshi break the law

? Luan Rama ? SMI is a serious party that sticks to agreements

? The President decrees amnesty law

? Opposition leader ? This is the last year of a corrupted Primer

? One DP member and activist receives death threat

? Primer states Albania enjoys a steady economy

? US Embassy in Tirana wishes to Albanians a Happy New Year

? Kosovo recognition assures peace and security for the Balkan

? 2017 will inherit all 2016 troubles and governmental problems

? Waste management. Experts are asked to bring their proposals


? Financial Supervisory Authority holds a meeting on first Albanian stock exchange

? How much do private universities earn and spend and who owes them

? Project on electronic monitoring of prisoners costs 196 mln ALL

? Arber Road, the great challenge of 2017

? EBRD shows interests in investing on TAP project that involves Albania

? Loans in November recorded significant growth, but not annual enhancement

? 2017 budget. Government freezes 22 mln EUR from principal investments

? Which are the risks coming from concessions with the PPPs?

? 2016 recorded the lowest currency exchange level with regards to EURO

? Currency values today


? Increased Albanians asylum seekers number fears France


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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