AINA TIR-FAX, December 29, 2016



? PM discharges Kavaja Mayor heavy law breaking

? Constitutional Court leaves Vetting law untouched

? SMI approves CEC verdict on SMI incriminated MP

? Application of Decriminalization law on 3 MPs echoes to the world

? Basha writes that detachment of politics from crime has just begun

? US Embassy ? CEC decision is otherwise translated as a peoples victory

? Justice Minister vows that law must be followed at any cost

? Primer at Enquiry Committee. ?Disagreement with CEZ sound the best solution ever?

? Territory National Council enacts 5 plans initiated by UNDP

? Primer denies the fact that Government-CEZ settlement was pre-arranged

? Criminal Code: ?To avoid serving 3 years of penalty one must pay 5.4 mln ALL

? LIBRA wins 10 thousand memberships?gets ready for general elections


? Albpetrol crazy sell of oil?167 thousand of tones

? City Hall budget to work on a 15.3 bln ALL budget

? Increase of construction permit no. is contributing to economy growth

? BoA ? Cash money use constitute 16.1 bln % of GDP

? Crafts businesses benefit 30 mln ALL from Economy Creative Fund

? 4.6 bln less revenues accumulated by fiscal administration. Deficit gets deeper

? Online trading. Unlicensed subjects are risking Albanians savings

? Level of electric power generated is higher than the one consumed

? Finance Ministry ? 84 mln ALL encased by state enterprise. Less than last year

? ERE ? Here is how consumers will pay energy power price

? Currency values today


? City Hall organizes a great New Year concert on December 31


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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