AINA TIR-FAX, November 28, 2016



? Albania celebrates National Flag Day, November 28

? Nishani ? I?ll run for the President once more

? Germany insists on Vetting law approval

? Flag?s ceremony held in Vlora city

? Rama gets Bundestag full support for Albania integration processes

? Opposition to withhold full responsibility over the current situation

? Berlin receives Primer Rama through an official ceremony

? Meta ? November 28, a significant day for Albania?s European future

? Gjosha ? The is already no point of return to Albania EU integration

? Opposition leader pays tribute to nation?s statesman, Ismail Qemali

? Albanian Diplomatic Corps around the world celebrate Independence Day

? Independence Day. Parliament opens its gates to the people

? Czech Republic welcomes Albania?s next integration phase


? Roads and railways will need 1.6 bln EUR to get terminated

? Economy Minister ? There are no trade barriers among Albania and Kosovo

? EI Ministry foresees 14 bln ALL that will improve non-alimentary industry

? Experts ? Treasury bonds rate keep surging due to stable economic factors

? Securities market grew up to 8% in 10 months

? ?Buy Albanian? fair that promotes Albanian & Kosovo goods as trademarks

? This year banks could only obtain 6.3 bln ALL of lost loans from annual budget

? Finance Ministry ? Public expenses went to 321.6 bln ALL in the last 10 months

? VAT incomes fall off from 112.5 bln ALL to 107.7 bln ALL

? Price fall in occasion of season holidays is a bell for online theft

? EBRD lend 38mlb EUR in modernizing social assistance

? Political impact, corruption and high taxes stir up informality

? Currency values today


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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