AINA TIR-FAX, November 2 , 2016



? A lawyer and a physician in the battle for Kolonja City Hall

? PM Rama meets US and EU Ambassadors over cannabis issue

? Here DP?s questions addressed to PM regarding narcotics

? US Ambassador Lu sees no B plan to Vetting law. Just implementation

? Agrarian Party chooses DP to go in coalition for the next elections

? Right-wing ? PM?s irresponsibility cut universities? enrollments

? Serious Crimes Dep. suggests severe sentences over heavy drugs

? Albanian Ministers under US Ambassador Lu?s pencil

? DP?s shocking declaration?Left MPs will soon join us

? Parliament to consider 4 candidates running for CEC chair

? Electoral reform. Small parties suggest Proportional Regional System

? SP ? Blushi?s party conveys the same ideology as the DP

? Rama ? No break up if SMI reunites with the Right


? Ahmetaj assures that public debt will fall up to 3% next year

? Here?s what reforms undertaken brought to Albanian economy

? 2017 budget previews 9.1 bln ALL for salaries and pensions

? Albania and IMF reach a final agreement over the state finances

? BoA ? Net portfolio marked 532.8 bln ALL by the end of September

? In September exports to Greece mounted up to 19%

? BoA releases the new metallic coin in the market, worth 5 ALL

? Government act. 105 mln ALL to go for operative services

? Hydrocarbons Association wins trial over the government on tariffs

? Government halves funds from state budget for the local power

? Gender?s Gap?Albania?s strategy to soften inequality and raise revenues

? Currency values today


? New salaries for civil servants


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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