AINA TIR-FAX, October 29 , 2016



? Vetting law translated and send to Venice Commission

? JIUP ? To solve Tcham case, diplomacy isn?t enough

? Basha to CE co-reporters ? Decriminalization leads to fail elections

? DP MP Vokshi demands CEPA a monitoring mission on child exploitation

? Venice Commission have Albanian magistrate school stuck

? SMI leadership race aims to boost its political representation

? DP sees Constitutional Court ?Vetting Law? suspension a right step

? Berisha ? Pay rise is a fraud, IMF must not leave

? SMI pretends explanation from Education Minister over enrollment rules

? Small parties threaten to break alliances if Electoral Code is left unchanged

? Foreign Ministry – Greek soldiers cemetery deal to follow 2009 agreement


? Energy price won?t fall. Millions of ALL to be paid back

? SSA ? Power Corporate messed its expenses up, losing 50 mln EURO

? AAB ? ?Bankruptcy? law affects diminution of bad loans

? New Property law irritates and worries owners. We?ll go to Strasburg

? Economic Freedom Foundation ? Here the 10 richest Albanian entrepreneurs

? Food dominates Consumption expenses in Albania

? Goods exports , fasons prevail the market

? Albania competes in the region with financially weak companies

? When government ?saves? concessions?

? Gjiknuri ? pay and pensions rise, the result of a new power discipline

? Currency values today


? Civil society protests against residues import

? Tobacco farmers complain that firms do not pay them


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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